With & Without Soil Stimulant After 44 Days

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Using pesticides, sludge and other chemicals on agriculture has tradeoffs. Those products travel  the world affecting health of the entire planet. In test completed on umbilical cord blood, 100% of the babies had banned pesticides inside them before their first breath.

It took several years developing applications for a patented organic product with a natural defence system against pests, no toxicity and for one specific type of crop, $52.00 of this soil stimulant produced over $1000.00 yield per hectare for a country farming millions of hectares. The test above was done by an independent grower with Swiss Chard. Kills Bacteria, Fungus and Viruses, even in the seed with new tests. 

Patented Natural Agricultural Application

  • Adjunct Professor Dr. Ronald Lynch's work on the body's toxic load includes toxins attacking a specific part of the body which would produce an inflammatory response. The Research and Development Team's participation was isolating inflammations using non invasive radiology at the molecular level that would assist in identifying toxins. 

  • In 2006, CTV News reported Canada using 110 million pounds of pesticides a year. The U.S. is reported to use 80 million pounds of pesticides a year for lawns alone, and think of that chemical load on the planet where it cycles through our bodies. 

  • Adjunct Professor Ronald Lynch's work included the Body Burden study where banned pesticides were found and documented in umbilical cord blood, as well as finding hundreds of other chemicals present. 

  • An investigation on the part of the Research and Development Team initiated the development of agricultural applications using natural and non toxic certified organic products that not only increased yield, but repelled pests without killing them. In orchard applications, pests left and probably went to the neighbours. 
Energy Medicine Faculty Group

Four Members of the
Energy Medicine
Faculty Group

Anthony Bove (Physicist - Inventor)
June 21, 1955 - June 17, 2012

Dr. Ronald Lynch (Integrative Medicine) 

Sharon Sharon M. Weinstein

Curtis Bennett (Chief Science Officer, Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal), Engineering Technologist, Adjunct Faculty for IHF & GEDI, 35 Year Advanced Thermography Background) 

  • In other applications, under 100 dollars worth of product applied in tests produced over 1000 dollars more yield per hectare(2.471 acres). The above comparative pictures are from an application completed without expectations. The urban farmer followed instruction and here is an example of those results with and without natural soil stimulant
  • Studies they did on a human grade application found there was 370% more absorption of nutrition. Applying that agriculturally means the same potential. 

  • Pine Beetles, as an example, were devastating forested areas. When they fed the trees nitrogen, the stronger trees were able to defend themselves from the beetles and sapped them out. That immediately brought this product into mind because what would be the benefit of 370% more absorption? 

  • It has been a lot of years, trials, etc to get to a place to bring this forward for all it means. We want this product available to countries trying to feed their populations and there is much more to share. 

  • EPA Approved

  • The Research and Development Team is an amazing uncompromising team of professionals that are all Science.



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